Assessment of Diagnostic Outcomes of RNA Genetic Testing for Hereditary Cancer

  • Authors: Rachid Karam; Blair Conner; Holly LaDuca; Kelly McGoldrick; Kate Krempley; Marcy E. Richardson; Heather Zimmermann; Stephanie Gutierrez; Patrick Reineke; Lily Hoang; Kyle Allen; Amal Yussuf; Suzette Farber-Katz; Huma Q. Rana; Samantha Culver; John Lee; Sarah Nashed; Deborah Toppmeyer; Debra Collins; Ginger Haynes; Tina Pesaran; Jill S. Dolinsky; Brigette Tippin Davis; Aaron Elliott; Elizabeth Chao
  • Collaborators: Cedar Sinai Medical Center; Dana Farber Cancer Institute; Merck Research Laboratories; Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey; University of California, Irvine; University of Kansas Cancer Center
  • Journal: JAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association
  • Date: 2019 - Oct

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