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About Ambry Genetics

Ambry Genetics, as part of REALM IDx, Inc., excels at translating scientific research into clinically actionable test results based upon a deep understanding of the human genome and the biology behind genetic disease. Our unparalleled track record of discoveries over 20 years, and growing database that continues to expand in collaboration with academic, corporate and pharmaceutical partners, means we are first to market with innovative products and comprehensive analysis that enable clinicians to confidently inform patient health decisions. We care about what happens to real people, their families, and the people they love, and remain dedicated to providing them and their clinicians with deeper knowledge and fresh insights, so together they can make informed, potentially life-altering healthcare decisions.

Our Story

Our story begins in 1999, with the founding of Ambry Genetics. From there, the history of Ambry is a history of firsts. We were the first lab to offer full gene sequencing of CFTR in 2001, the first to offer exome services in 2011, the first to offer clinical hereditary cancer panels in 2012, and the first to offer BRCA-related testing panels after the Supreme Court decision in 2013. In 2016, we opened our Super Lab and launched AmbryShare. Our CLIA/CAP-certified Super Lab is a customized 60,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility designed to increase efficiency, precision, and quality while reducing the potential for human error. At Ambry, we continue to be one of the industry leaders in genetic testing, and experience matters for patient care. We have not only contributed hundreds of peer-reviewed publications and studies at national and international conferences, but we continue to innovate and advance precision medicine.

Our Team

At Ambry, we believe in the power of people working towards one goal. Our employees are an eclectic mix of backgrounds and specialties, female strong and multi-faceted. We are scientists, genetic counselors, marketers, sales reps, customer service members, project managers, IT specialists, clinical experts and physicians dedicated to leading the clinical genomic diagnostic industry. We are highly motivated and know our individual effort contributes to advancing genetic testing worldwide. We earned our reputation as industry leaders by responsibly introducing cutting-edge genetic testing solutions and continually sharing what we learn with the global scientific community.

Join Our Team

At Ambry, everyone is welcome. A career at Ambry Genetics is a chance to be part of a dynamic industry leader in genetic testing that aims to improve health by understanding the relationships between genetics and disease, and sharing what we learn with the global scientific community. At Ambry you will learn, challenge yourself and have fun while collaborating with teammates through the open exchange of ideas. By working together, everyone at Ambry can progress the industry forward, helping us all move toward better health.

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