Committed to Next-Generation Sequencing Science

Ambry Genetics has a continued track record of innovation and discoveries over its twenty-year history because as a leading clinical genetic testing company, we excel at translating our best-in-class scientific research and data into clinically actionable test results. Whether it’s breaking ground in breast cancer genetic testing science by being the first to offer BRCA-related testing panels after the 2013 Supreme Court decision, or setting the standard in hereditary genetic testing science by being the first to offer paired tumor/germline testing in 2017, we have always sought scientific excellence, focused on doing what’s right for patient care.

Advancing Hereditary Genetic Testing Science

Since 1999, Ambry Genetics has provided clinicians with accurate, affordable, and medically actionable genomic information so that they can make informed medical management decisions with their patients. Everything we do is backed by our science, and we have always believed in evidence-based medicine, backed by data. So much so that we participated in the largest study of its kind (20,000 patients) to validate the effectiveness of confirmation testing. Healthcare providers use Ambry when they want to reduce the chance of getting a false positive patient report or one that misses more than 2% of real mutations. Ambry prides itself in providing quality, comprehensive information that helps providers better inform and treat their patients.

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