Your genes are a unique instruction manual that makes you who you are. Yet sometimes this manual includes a risk for inherited diseases.

The power of genetic testing is that it can detect inherited disease, so that together with a healthcare provider, you can make better health decisions.

Genetic Testing, Explained

At Ambry, we want to empower you to take control of your health care plan and management. We believe the more informed you are, the better decisions you can ultimately make for you and your family. That is why we have created a helpful Genetics 101 guide for those who want to learn more.

What Is Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing is the process of examining our genetic makeup to detect disease-causing mutations that may be passed on to future generations. If you think you may be at risk for an inherited disease, genetic testing can help inform a roadmap for care.

Why Is Genetic Testing Important?

Genetic Test Results Can Help Inform a Roadmap For Care

For people who may be at risk for or have already been diagnosed with a potentially inherited disease – or for those whose symptoms have gone undiagnosed despite years of searching for answers – the importance of clinical genetic testing cannot be overstated.

Why? Because discoveries made possible through genetic testing may be actionable, and they could directly inform how your healthcare team manages your medical care, now and in the future.

How Do I Know If I Need Genetic Testing?

The Importance of Knowing Your Personal and Family Medical History

There are a great number of inherited diseases, ranging from the extremely rare to those that appear with higher frequency and are better understood. The specific criteria for determining if genetic testing would be beneficial for you or a family member depends on the type of disease that is reflected in your family medical history.

Ambry's current menu of genetic tests is focused in four categories of genetic disease: Hereditary Cancer, Heart Conditions, Hereditary Neurological Disorders, and Rare Conditions. If the condition you are concerned about falls into one of these categories, click on the appropriate button to learn more.

I am blessed by the knowledge that I inherited this gene mutation. My mother and aunt did not have the same opportunity to prevent their cancer. Genetic testing may not be for everyone, but in the case of my family, it has given us a unique opportunity to change our future."

Breast Cancer Previvor/Survivor

We are so grateful to Ambry Genetics and our healthcare providers for arming us with the information that has helped us take the right steps to protect ourselves... When it comes to your health, knowledge is truly empowering, and could literally save a life.”

Living with CPVT

The cause of my cancer was a source of fear and anxiety for me and my daughter. Genetic testing removed our fears and uncertainty. Now we know for sure, the mutation stops with me.”

Breast Cancer Survivor

Where do I go for Genetic Testing?


If you have any signs of hereditary cancer in your family, a discussion with your healthcare provider to review your concerns and family history is your next step. Your healthcare provider may refer you to a Genetic Counselor to discuss genetic testing. While going through your physician is the best way to find a Genetic Counselor, you can also find one on your own by visiting the National Society of Genetic Counselors website ( Their “Find a Genetic Counselor” tool is a great resource to help you locate Genetic Counselors in your area.

The actual testing process is easy:

Your healthcare provider orders the appropriate test based on your personal and family history

You provide a blood, or sometimes saliva sample, that is sent to a lab

Results are sent to your healthcare provider, who will discuss them with you and recommend next steps

When it comes to Genetic Testing, Not All Labs are the Same.

We're committed to giving your doctors and genetic counselors the most advanced testing information available so that they can determine the best treatment options for you. Watch this short video to see why Ambry has had a long history of being a leader in genetic testing, a scientific innovator, and a change-maker in patients' lives.

Our Story

The Ambry Team is Here for You.

Ambry Genetics is a company built by scientists, genetic counselors, and healthcare providers who share an unwavering commitment to improving the lives of patients at risk for or suffering from inherited diseases.

Over the past two decades, we have dedicated ourselves and our mission to the advancement of clinical genetic testing, and have been consistently recognized for our leadership in the field.

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How Much Does Genetic Testing Cost?


Did you know that many insurance providers cover genetic testing? For information on Ambry’s billing practices, please check out our Patient Billing Page

Ambry Genetics is contracted with most of the US health plans, and as a result:

4 out of 5 patients pay $0

If you do pay, Ambry offers patient financial services, and the average cost for patients who pay:

Less than $100
(individual patient responsibility amounts may vary)

At Ambry, our goal is to provide you with our high quality genetic testing without cost being a barrier or burden.

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