Re-requisitioning Policy

Ambry's re-requisitioning policy allows you to test for additional genes without the need for a new sample. This can be beneficial when a patient’s medical history strongly indicates hereditary disease, but the initial test report was negative. Newly available information about your patient’s personal or family medical history may also suggest the need to analyze additional genes post-reporting.

Re-requisitioning allows you to gather additional information at no additional charge, so that you can provide the best patient care.

Upon completion of a re-requisition order, a new final report will be provided that includes results for all of the genes tested. In most cases, results will be available in less than 2 weeks and no new samples will be required.

Who is eligible?

Re-requisition testing and additional reporting are completed at no charge for cases that meet the following criteria:

  • The initial test order was one of Ambry’s Plus, Next, or First cardiology, cancer, or neurology multi gene panel tests
  • The re-requisitioning order is for genes within the same specialty as the original test
  • Additional testing must be ordered within 90 days of the original report date
  • Excludes paired tumor/germline testing options

How do I place a re-requisition order? *

  1. Download one of the supplemental ordering forms below
  2. Complete the bottom section of the TRF
  3. Select which additional genes are desired. Only the additional genes on the TRF are eligible to be added on.
  4. Submit the complete form via fax or e-mail

* Re-requisition orders for neurology tests can be placed via the CustomNext-Neuro™ panel. Please use AmbryPort, our secure online portal, or request assistance through your local Ambry account executive.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Ambry account manager, fill out our online form, email or call 949-900-5500.


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