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What Makes Ambry Genetics Different?

At Ambry, we never lose sight of the patient, the individual attached to every sample we receive and result we send out. We pride ourselves in adhering to the three pillars of what we provide to our clinicians: Delivering Accuracy, Bringing Clarity, and Advancing Science. We accomplish this scientific excellence through our rigorous test development, quality control, confirmatory testing, and best-in-class variant assessment and interpretation tools. Variants of unknown significance (VUS) can make it difficult to provide clear test results to your patients. Our best-in-class variant assessment program is dedicated to resolving VUS to give you and your patients more clarity. Our team is made up of Statisticians & Bioinformatics, Lab Directors, Variant Scientists, Structural Biologists, and Genetic Counselors. Ambry Genetics is a gene testing company that wants to help you help your patients.

Provide the Best for Your Patients

Experience matters for patient care, and Ambry Genetics has decades of experience in industry-leading testing. With 100+ genetic counselors and other medical experts with clinical genomic experience on staff, Ambry has completed more than one million tests, contributed to over 200 peer-reviewed publications, and continued to offer a comprehensive test menu in Oncology, Neurology, Cardiology, and Rare Disease. We offer a simple, intuitive online ordering system to help you order the right test for your patient, and even offer Telemedicine options to help you continue to provide consultation and assistance to your patients, even if you’re not meeting in-person. Our team is here to support and serve you. Our dedication to education, evidence-based science, and quality processes help provide more you with more accurate, actionable results for your patients.

Gender Inclusivity

Ambry Genetics is committed to providing an environment within which all individuals are treated with respect. We recognize that gender inclusive terminology is crucial to show support for patients who may otherwise avoid genetic testing. As a company whose primary goal is to support our clients and their patients, we are continually working to remain at the forefront of these efforts. If you have questions about report adjustment options available at Ambry, please contact your local Genomic Science Liaison.

Discover Our Gene Testing Catalog

At Ambry, our comprehensive genetic testing menu includes screening and diagnosis for a myriad of conditions, including: Hereditary cancer, hereditary cardiovascular disease, neurodevelopmental disorders, epilepsy, rare disease, and exome. You can not only search our gene testing catalog by disease, but you can search it by test code and gene as well. To help you determine which test best suits your patient, we provide detailed test descriptions and information on each dedicated test page, and on many, we also include downloads to helpful materials like Patient Guides, Reference Guides, Test Requisition Forms, and even Letters of Medical Necessity. Each of our test pages has a quick reference guide that provides a quick snapshot of the information, and links you to our online ordering portal, or our sample kit ordering page.

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