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Our Story

Our Mission

We believe in the power of people working together towards one goal, one purpose. And the power that lies within our walls to make a life-changing difference. We will not stop until human disease is understood.


Identifying an individual’s genetic information is nothing new --- it’s what we do with it that is unique. We believe it’s our responsibility to share all genomic information so that we can accelerate the understanding of human disease. We will only get there by collaborating.

Our Methodology

All diagnostics labs are not created equal. Ambry is committed to advancing science by continually optimizing our methodology of detecting variants in order to bring you the most comprehensive test results possible. We led the largest study of its kind (20,000 cases) to illustrate why Ambry’s testing methodology is unmatched in accuracy and specificity (Mu W, et al., November 2016). When it comes to making important medical management decisions, we believe patients would choose the most reliable and comprehensive testing for themselves and their families, not the cheapest.

Our Super Lab

In 2016, Ambry built a customized a 60,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility, designed to increase efficiency, precision, and quality while reducing the potential for human error. This highly-automated CLIA/ CAP certified lab produces some of the fastest turn-around-times in the industry, without compromising accuracy and specificity.

  • 24/7 lab operation protected by one of the largest industrial generators
  • DNA fingerprinting of each specimen before and after testing for scalable sample tracking
  • “Zero-vibration flooring” built to withstand seismic tremors, further reducing the potential for error

Our History

We are a lab with a long history of firsts. First to offer exome services. First and only to participate and lead a study powered to verify when to use confirmation testing for the most accurate results. First to invest in the building of a super lab, ensuring highly accurate test results and increased efficiencies. First to self-fund a platform designed to give away our data in a mission to understand disease better. But it’s not our ‘firsts’ that set us apart. It’s our mission to put patients and understanding of genetics above all else.

Charles L.M. Dunlop

In 1999, Charles Dunlop founded Ambry Genetics because he wanted to work for a company deeply committed to restoring the balance between open science and commercial interests; one driven by pure scientists whose only pursuit is to end disease and provide the best quality service. Charlie realized this vision by launching some of the industry’s most useful diagnostic tests. Charlie remains deeply connected to the mind and hearts of patients, understanding that access to information is just as important as quality science in finding the best treatment.

Charles Dunlop - Founder

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