Ambry’s Translational Genomics (ATG) Lab

Our ATG lab is a unique lab service offering novel evidence through validated assays to bring clarity to VUS. The purpose is to give clinicians a better understanding of their patient’s test results for future medical management.

The ATG Lab tests for various types of alterations that are often difficult to assess with the limited information available. We offer specialized studies providing the necessary data points to better define whether a VUS is benign or pathogenic. With this information we can bring clarity to an uncertain result and, ultimately, find the answer so that you can better guide patient treatment.


Ambry believes strongly in the power of data sharing and seeks to reduce confusion around genetic variants and our understanding of genetic disease. As an advanced diagnostic lab, we provide accurate results so that classification is as complete and robust as possible.

The reality is there are times when genetic testing results come back inconclusive, known by the medical community as Variants of Unknown Significance (VUS). This may be due to insufficient data being available for interpretation, such as scientific publications or previously conducted functional studies. Whatever the cause, these VUS make it difficult for healthcare providers to deliver actionable test results to their patients.


When you partner with Ambry, your patients and their family members will be eligible for this personalized service at no extra cost. ATG Lab services are also available for VUS identified through testing performed at other laboratories.

To determine if your variant qualifies for ATG Lab analysis, please complete the online form below. We will contact you as soon as your request has been reviewed by our team.

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