Making Proactive Healthcare a Reality

The healthcare landscape is ever-changing. Patients are looking for proactive healthcare options, and their providers need solutions that allow for streamlined, consistent, rules-based care. At Ambry, we are helping to make proactive healthcare a reality with our CARE Program.

What is CARE?

The CARE Program leverages a suite of digital health tools that can be used to identify patients at increased risk for certain health conditions and/or who qualify for genetic testing, provide patient education, facilitate genetic test ordering and result reporting, and connect patients to genetic counseling. This end-to-end program is embedded within a clinic or system’s existing workflows so that healthcare providers and their patients are supported at every step.

At Ambry, we believe partnering with clinicians and providing the right digital tools will support healthcare delivery that is standardized, proactive, and equitable.

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CARE Clinical Applications

The CARE Program uses a HIPAA-compliant application to collect and analyze patients’ medical information, genetic data, and family history prior to in-person visits. These data can be weighed against guidelines to stratify patients by health risks and to identify those who qualify for increased cancer screening and hereditary cancer testing. Patients have access to digital education and telehealth genetic counseling.

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Cancer Risk

Understanding one's risks for cancer is the first step to making a personalized cancer screening and risk reduction plan. Ambry partners with providers and patients through the CARE Program™ to empower patients to learn about their risks as well as options to address them.

Why Choose CARE?

The CARE Program leverages digital health technology to enable health systems to stratify patients by health risks, driving care that is standardized, proactive, and equitable. CARE empowers clinicians to make timely, evidenced-based medical decisions and connect their patients with the education and genetic counseling resources they need, when they need them.

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Provide consistent, rule-based care for every patient

Automate time-consuming processes so you can focus on your patients

Integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow

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Health Executives

Simplify risk assessment as well as genetic screening and testing in your system using a customized program

Create standardization of guideline-concordant care between providers and across your health system

Enable population health programs that support proactive healthcare delivery and high-risk care

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Access resources and experts so you understand your health and family planning options

Partner with your healthcare provider to make proactive healthcare decisions for you and your family

CARE Benefits

Implementation Benefits
Implementation Benefits

Customizable, easily adjusted based on needs

Ambry takes a hands-on approach to implementation to make it a successful program for you

Our team is clinically driven and takes special care throughout the process to deliver the best patient and provider experience

Technical Benefits
Technical Benefits

Secure database and provider portal — HIPAA compliant

Data-driven approach helps you monitor your patient population

Web-based & built using Javascript framework — access the system from any browser, anytime, nothing to install

What Our Clients Say
What Our Clients Say


Responsive with changes and updates

Visually appealing, easy-to-access marketing materials

CARE Support

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Digital Tools Collect and Share Information

CARE uses a suite of digital tools to collect and analyze patient medical and family history, provide pre-test education, and assist with patient scheduling of genetic counseling appointments.

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Personalized Online Portals

Our online portals are customized for patients, providers, and healthcare staff. CARE provides on-demand reporting, in and out-of-network referrals, and pre- and post-test education.

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CARE Digital

Available 24/7 online, gain instant access to everything you need to promote testing through CARE. Our cobranded marketing materials, training documents, videos, and more are updated frequently to help you source the latest resources from anywhere.

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Post-Test Genetic Counseling for Patients

Telehealth appointments are available within 24 hours and patient scheduling can be accessed on any mobile device via the virtual assistant.

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Through the CARE Program, eligible patients will receive genetic testing through Ambry Genetics. Due to Ambry's extensive contracts with commercial payers (covering 95% of insured lives), testing is affordable and accessible for the majority of patients. Historically, four out of five patients pay $0 and for those who do pay, they pay on average less than $100. For additional questions on billing, please contact Ambry at +1 949-900-5500 or
A patient's personal and family history of cancer will be evaluated to determine if they are eligible for hereditary cancer genetic testing. Our program uses National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) genetic testing criteria, which outline various factors that may indicate a need for genetic testing, such as type of cancer, age of diagnosis, and number of family members with cancer. Any patient who meets these criteria will be offered genetic testing.

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