The CARE ProgramTM

Comprehensive, Assessment,
Risk, and Education

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A Unique End-to-End Solution to Identify Patients at Increased Risk for Diseases

Tom Schoenherr
Tom Schoenherr
Chief Executive Officer, Ambry Genetics

What if we could identify at-risk patients earlier?

Today, only a small fraction of individuals with a hereditary predisposition to diseases (like cancer) are aware and tested. Ambry’s CARE Program was created to help identify patients with possible health conditions and does so with a comprehensive, end-to-end solution.

CARE is a Preventative Precision Medicine Platform

CARE Healthcare Providers


Facilitate recommendations for increased screening and personalized medical management

Identify at-risk family members

Integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow

CARE Healthcare Executives

Health Executives

Simplify the screening, testing, and management of genetic testing for patients

A customized system tailored to work with your specific protocol and needs

A true end-to-end solution

CARE Patients


Fine-tune your screening plan and health management

Speak with a genetic counselor to discuss your results

No-cost testing for close relatives

How Does CARE Work?

A seamless solution for identifying the most at-risk patients.

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Using Ambry’s Virtual Assistant (AVA) High-Risk Screening Tool

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Pre-Test Education

How genetic testing can guide early detection & prevention

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Genetic Testing

Ordered through Ambry for qualified individuals

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Results Delivery

Test results are delivered to the ordering provider and, in most cases, made available to the patient through AVA

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Post-Test Genetic Counseling

Made available to all patients who have testing

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Increase quality, decrease liability

The Benefits of CARE

Implementation Benefits

Customizable, easily configurable

Ambry takes a hands-on approach to implementation - we’re here to make it successful for you

Our clinically-driven team cares about the patient and provider experience throughout the process

Technical Benefits

Secure database and provider portal - HIPAA compliant

Data-driven approach helps you monitor your patient population

Web-based & built using Javascript framework - access the system from any browser, anytime; and there’s nothing to install

What Our Clients Say


Responsive with changes and updates

Visually appealing, easy-to-access marketing materials

What CARE Means to our Leaders

The CARE Program Includes:

Ambry's Virtual Assistant

Ambry’s Virtual Assistant (AVA)

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • SOC Compliant
  • Identifies patients who may benefit from genetic testing
  • Delivers education to patients about genetics
  • Collects information from patients for their personalized assessment
  • Assists patients with scheduling genetic counseling appointments
Ambry's CARE Portal

Personalized Online Portals

  • Both a patient portal and portal for healthcare providers and staff
  • On-demand reporting, metrics, and analytics
  • Customizable results delivery
  • Pre/Post test education
  • NCCN® and Tyrer-Cuzick risk models
  • Auto-populated electronic ordering system and signature

CARE Digital

  • Your source for CARE marketing resources
  • Available 24/7 online, with private login
  • Instant access to cobranded marketing materials, training documents, videos, and more
  • Updated frequently with new material

Post-Test Genetic Counseling for Patients

  • Telehealth appointments available within 24 hours
  • Patient scheduling can be accessed on a mobile device via the virtual assistant
  • Detailed medical management reports for patients with positive results
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