Postmortem Genetic Testing

Postmortem genetic testing can identify cause of death in individuals who die suddenly and unexpectedly. This may prove critical in helping to prevent the same outcome in surviving family members. Genetic testing can also be helpful in cases of fetal demise or stillbirth.

Please review the accepted sample types by clicking on the link to the right. Refer to our Postmortem Pre-test Form before submitting samples. We do not accept all postmortem sample types for all tests. Please call +1 949-900-5500 If you would like to discuss testing options with a genetic counselor at Ambry prior to filling out a Pre-test Form or reach out to your local Genomic Science Liaison.

For more information on postmortem genetic testing, please visit the National Society for Genetic Counselors Postmortem resource page:

Ordering Options

Important Updates

  • We no longer accept Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) tissue blocks and slides
  • Postmortem testing is cash or institutional pay only
  • We only accept/attempt two specimens per patient
  • If you have questions about these updates, please contact Ambry Client Solutions

Important Notes

  • Postmortem samples submitted will likely be exhausted for genetic testing
  • Deletion/duplication analysis cannot be performed on all sample types
  • Turnaround times for postmortem testing results may be slightly extended from the standard TAT of our panels
  • Please contact your local Medical Examiner’s/Coroner/s office for any chain of custody requirements for your sample(s)
  • Please label each specimen and Test Requisition Form with at least 2 unique identifiers specific to the patient (full name and date of birth/medical record number), and collection date.

To discuss testing options with a genetic counselor, please reach out to your local Genomic Science Liaison, or call +1 949-900-5500.

Recommended Tests

CardioNext® Comprehensive cardiology panel which includes genes associated with cardiomyopathy and arrhythmia 92
TAADNext® Comprehensive thoracic aortic aneurysms and dissections panel 35
ExomeNext-Trio™ Whole exome sequencing, trio ~ 20,000 GENES SEE COVERAGE DETAILS
ExomeNext-Proband™ Whole exome sequencing, Proband only ~ 20,000 GENES SEE COVERAGE DETAILS

*Testing not available on all sample types.

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