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Important COVID-19 Information

As we all closely monitor the growing impact of the COVID-19 virus, we at Ambry are extremely sensitive to the added stress put on your already vulnerable patients. Yet, we also understand that this virus doesn't remove the urgent need for access to often life-altering genetic testing results. Our lab operations team continues to plan as more information becomes available to avoid any major disruption to testing.

We will do our part at Ambry as healthcare partners, providers, and patients ourselves to prioritize safety above all else, and work with you to identify solutions that will maintain access to genetic testing for those who need it.

Direct-to-Patient Ordering Options

Choose to order using AmbryPort and have a saliva kit shipped directly to your patient

  • Your patient can easily send the kit back to Ambry through FedEx or USPS - new USPS return labels for easier contact-free returns!

  • Visit our Ordering Process page for more details.

Send results to your patients directly through AmbryPort

  • When your patient's test results are available for download, you will be able to enter or confirm their email address and send them a copy of the results electronically.

  • Patients will be required to authenticate using their last name and date of birth to gain access to their test results.

Login to AmbryPort

Please do not hesitate to reach out to customer service at +1 949-900-5500 or your local Ambry representative to discuss any unique needs.


Ambry's Virtual Genetic Counseling Resources

Pre-test genetics education video

Counseling Aids

No Cost Post-Test Genetic Counseling

  • For your oncology patients, we provide post-test genetic counseling services for any positive and/or variant of unknown significance (VUS) result. There is no charge for these services. Please complete the Post-Test Genetic Counseling Referral Form located here or contact us at if you have additional questions.

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