Ambry's Health Plan Requirements Guide

Our Health Plan Requirements guide is a tool that clients can use to help determine what documents and administrative requirements are required for test approval by certain health plans or payors. The Guide has pre-populated coverage information from different third-party commercial health plans, including what to include within medical chart notes. It also lists what Ambry patient documents we require for insurance verification.
This document will change as health plan requirements do.

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How to use:

From the top dropdown menus, select up to five health plans to compare. The listed categories include:

  • Coverage Considerations, such as limitations to BRCA-related policy

  • Forms and Documentation Requirements (e.g., Cigna/Aetna forms, chart notes, etc.)

  • If Pre-Test Counseling is Needed, not just Recommended for Test Approvals

  • Other Considerations, such as AIM, Beacon Portal Usage, etc.

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