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What Clients Are Saying

I have used the cancer panels and have been very, very happy. By doing the BreastNext® panel or BRCAplus®, we’re able to look at these other syndromes with one test. I use Ambry because of the customer service that I receive. Anytime I’ve called Ambry they will bend over backwards to help you.

thumb Robin Stevens, ARNP
Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute

We work with Ambry because they offer the group of tests available in a cost-effective manner and we feel confident in the quality of the results. To have labs that do the testing, that we can get the results back in a timely fashion, is really important.

thumb elisabeth a. mckeen, md, facp
Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute

Ambry really does offer a lot of the information that will be used in the future for these disease treatments. They're grounded in science, efficient in their process, really patient focused -- doing what's best for the patient, sharing their database...They really seem to want what's best for patient care.

thumb Jason M. Goldman, MD, FACP
Internal Medicine

We love this test. We’ve particularly enjoyed the ability to provide the patient with comprehensive assessment rather than a piecemeal evaluation, which can be exhausting and confusing for them.

thumb Michael Hall, MD, MS
Director, Department of Clinical Genetics with Fox Chase Cancer Center

TumorNext-Lynch® has made explaining abnormal MSI/IHC results so much easier. There are sometimes several steps involved (hypermethylation, germline testing, somatic tumor testing) that could be costly and time consuming. Being able to coordinate all of those steps in one place has made this process seamless.

thumb Andrea Forman, MS, LCGC
Senior Genetic Counselor, Risk Assessment Program, Department of Clinical Genetics

Counseling regarding cancer risk and surveillance was a challenge for my patient’s family with significant history of breast cancer due to the unknown clinical significance of a BRCA2 variant. After reaching out to my Genetic Specialist for help, Ambry’s variant team requested a structural analysis, which was ultimately supportive of pathogenicity. The Ambry team reviewed the variant classification, and it was upgraded to likely pathogenic. The family was relieved and grateful that the variant team went the extra mile to find an answer so they can now manage their risk appropriately.

thumb Marcina Beaston-Casey, MS, CGC

What Patients Are Saying

The cause of my cancer was a source of fear and anxiety for me and my daughter. Genetic testing removed our fears and uncertainty. Now we know for sure, the mutation stops with me.

thumb Christine Fenwick
Breast cancer survivor

Often, I forget I am working with an actual company and not just a group of really smart friends with a passion for genetics and helping change lives.

thumb Julie Walters
President PCDH19 Alliance

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