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Two Options for Ordering

Choose to order using our secure online portal or complete a paper test request form.


Our Secure Online Portal

  • Login to AmbryPort or create an account*
  • Complete the appropriate fields, submit your order, and download the auto-generated Test Requisition Form (TRF)
  • Ship the Sample Submission Kit using the pre-paid FedEx or DHL** envelope

* An Ambry representative will contact you to activate your account
** Optional for international orders

Order a Sample Kit

Complete a Paper TRF

  • Order a Sample Submission Kit
  • The kit will arrive at the specified address
  • Ship the Sample Submission Kit, with the completed TRF, using the pre-paid FedEx or DHL* envelope

* Optional for international orders

Important COVID-19 Information

As we all closely monitor the growing impact of the COVID-19 virus, we at Ambry are extremely sensitive to the added stress put on your already vulnerable patients. Yet, we also understand that this virus doesn’t remove the urgent need for access to often life-altering genetic testing results. Our lab operations team continues to plan as more information becomes available to avoid any major disruption to testing.

We will do our part at Ambry as healthcare partners, providers, and patients ourselves to prioritize safety above all else, and work with you to identify solutions that will maintain access to genetic testing for those who need it.

We’ve outlined below an option you and your patients may consider to support the transition to telemedicine many of you are employing.

Order in AmbryPort and have a saliva kit shipped direct to your patient
Most Ambry genetic tests** can be completed with a saliva sample kit shipped directly to your patient.

  • Order in AmbryPort and have a saliva kit shipped directly to your patient
  • When placing an order in AmbryPort, in the Specimen section, add a Saliva specimen type and select ‘Yes’ the patient needs a kit sent to them.
  • We will ship a saliva kit directly to the patient via FedEx and include a copy of their test requisition form, pre-paid return shipping label, and return envelope. You will be notified via Ambry Message as soon as the saliva kit has been shipped to the patient.
  • Once we have received the patient’s sample, turn around times, billing verification, and report delivery will proceed as usual.
  • If you prefer to send us a hard copy test requisition form, please note ‘Ship Saliva Kit to Patient’ on the form and send it to us via fax (949) 900-5501 or email info@ambrygen.com.

**Excluding +RNAinsight

Please do not hesitate to reach out to customer service at 949-900-5500, or your local Ambry representative to discuss any unique needs.


View and download our Kit Delivery Options FAQs.

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