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Session # CAN62

Always better when we’re together: A novel, collaborative multi-stakeholder coalition enhances national guidelines for hereditary cancer testing and detection

Take home points:

  1. Clinical guidelines must evolve along with ongoing research findings. To assist this, the Inter-Organization Cancer Genetics Clinical Evidence Coalition (INTERACT) was established in 2020 among leading laboratory, industry, and patient groups.
  2. To date, INTERACT has submitted 12 letters to NCCN guidelines committees requesting changes, and has had 12 requested changes approved.
  3. INTERACT has impacted NCCN testing guidelines for hereditary cancer testing through their submission and transparency process.
  4. This shows that a diverse group of stakeholders from industry and patient advocacy can successfully work together to increase access to appropriate hereditary cancer testing

  • Authors: Emily K. Dalton; Robert Pilarski; Lauren Sferrazza; Jessica Grzybowski; Ann Marie Miller; Shelly Cummings; Kelli Conlan; Kristen Postula; Rebecca Johnson; Lisa Schlager; Robin Dubin; Fred Struve
  • Collaborators: GeneDx; Myriad Genetics; Quest Diagnostics
  • Conference: NSGC 2023
  • Date: Wednesday, Oct 18, 2023 5:30pm - 7:00pm

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