Session # A-28

Consumer and Healthcare Provider (HCP) motivations and concerns in personalized genomic sequencing among over 2,500 individuals

  • Study to assess the level of interest in personalized genomic testing among unaffected individuals and healthcare providers (HCPs) among over 2,500 individuals
  • Over half of consumers surveyed were interested in a genetic test that includes medical risk factors for themselves, risk for their children (carrier status), pharmacogenomics and ancestry. Among the features presented, the consumers ranked medical risk factors as the most important feature of genetic testing.
  • HCPs ranked carrier status as most important feature/reason for genetic testing. Their concerns included accuracy and employer/insurance discrimination but expressed additional concerns including anxiety, knowledge gaps, and other burdens on the HCPs
  • These results provide a framework for offering personalized genomic testing to unaffected individuals, help inform genetic counseling issues unique to this group, and highlight an anticipated surge in demand for these services.

  • Authors: Layla Shahmirzadi; Sebastien Marcq; Stephanie Connor; Kelly Farwell Hagman; Melissa Para; Brigette Tippin Davis
  • Conference: NSGC 2017
  • Date: Wednesday, Sep 13, 2017 5:15pm - 6:30pm

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