Shwachman-Diamond syndrome

Shwachman-Diamond syndrome is an inherited multisystem hematology-oncology disorder that can affect the pancreas, blood, bone marrow, and skeletal system.  Because of the broad range of clinical findings (even within the same family), confirming a clinical diagnosis can greatly impact medical management. 
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Test Code 1440
Turnaround Time (TAT) 2-4 weeks
Number of Genes 1

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We offer family variant testing at no additional cost

for all blood relatives of patients who undergo full single gene sequencing, multigene panel testing or exome sequencing at Ambry Genetics and are found to have a pathogenic or likely pathogenic variant. No-cost testing of blood relatives must be completed within 90 days of the original report date. Whenever possible, more closely related relatives should be tested before more distant relatives.

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Test Description

Our SBDS full gene sequence analysis is performed by PCR-based double stranded automated sequencing in the sense and antisense directions for exons 1-5 of the SBDS gene, plus at least 5  bases into the 5’ and 3’ ends of all the introns. The assay design prevents unwanted amplification of the pseudogene.

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