PALB2-associated cancer

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Test Code: 2362 Test Name: PALB2 specific site analysis TAT 7-14 days Gene: 1
Test Code: 2364 Test Name: PALB2 del/dup TAT 14-21 days Gene: 1
Test Code: 2366 Test Name: PALB2 seq and del/dup TAT 14-21 days Gene: 1

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We offer family variant testing at no additional cost

for all blood relatives of patients who undergo full single gene sequencing, multigene panel testing or exome sequencing at Ambry Genetics and are found to have a pathogenic or likely pathogenic variant. No-cost testing of blood relatives must be completed within 90 days of the original report date. Whenever possible, more closely related relatives should be tested before more distant relatives.

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