Moving Science Forward

Ambry remains what it has always been: a company that is tough, innovative, committed to quality and, most of all, focused on its mission to do what’s right for patient care.

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It’s not just the ‘firsts’ that set us apart. It’s that we remain leaders of scientific innovation, with an uncompromising commitment to improve patient care.

Practice-Changing Research

Ongoing Collaborations

> 200 research collaborations with the top clinicians and academic institutions in the world to better understand genetic disease and clinical utility.

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Scientific Posters/Presentations

> 280 posters and more than 100 presentations at scientific conferences across various specialties.

Scientific Posters
Scientific Presentations

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Led or participated in key research resulting in over 100 peer-reviewed publications in various scientific journals.

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Shaping the Future of Integrated Diagnostics with REALM IDx

"The future of medicine is patient-focused, and together with Ambry, we look forward to being at the forefront of a fundamental shift in the way medicine is practiced globally."

Kiyotaka Fujii
President, Global Healthcare, Konica Minolta & Chairman, Ambry Genetics

By partnering with REALM IDx, Inc., we are now a part of a global effort to advance precision medicine and improve patient care. Our combined comprehensive diagnostic technologies can map an individual’s genetic makeup, and give us information to discover, prevent, and cost-effectively manage diseases.

Improved Diagnosis

Identifying an inherited condition early on and accurately

Personalized Treatment

Effectively match medical management to improve quality of life

Drug Development

Accelerate new drug discoveries for optimized treatment and prevention

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