Genetic Testing for Hereditary Cancer

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Your Genes, Your Life, Your Plan

Your genes are a unique instruction manual that makes you who you are. Sometimes this manual includes risk factors for inherited diseases. The power of genetic testing is that it can forewarn you and your family members about possible cancer risks.

What is Genetic Testing and Why is it Important?

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of all cancers are hereditary

Genetic Test Results Can Help Inform a Roadmap For Care. Early Detection Matters.

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Benefits of

Genetic Testing

Inform your cancer screening plan (such as age to start, frequency, and/or type of screen) to help catch cancer earlier.

Guide preventative options to reduce risk for certain cancer types.

If diagnosed with certain cancers, genetic information can guide therapy decisions or even qualify you for clinical trials.

Potential to provide these benefits to family members as well.

How Much Will It Cost Me?

Ambry works with your insurance company for billing, and 80% of patients pay $0. For those who do pay, they typically pay less than $100 out of pocket.

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CancerNext-Expanded, a hereditary cancer genetic test, is one of Ambry's most popular tests. The test analyzes 77 genes linked to a higher chance of developing one or more of the following: brain tumors, breast, colon, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate, kidney, uterine, and/or other cancers.

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Download the CancerNext-Expanded® Patient Guide [English | Spanish]
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