National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) 2018

November 14-17  |  Atlanta, GA


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Scientific Posters

Poster # A-106

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 5:45 - 7:00pm

Zöe Powis, Lily Hoang, Tami Johnston, Christian Antolik, Andy Castro, Jill Dolinsky. Beyond FBN1: Multigene Panel Testing for Marfan syndrome.

Poster # A-337

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 5:45 - 7:00pm

CSKN2B Working Group, Zöe Powis. CSNK2B Phenotypes Include Infantile Epilepsy with Myoclonic Seizures.

Poster # A-52

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 5:45 - 7:00pm

Morgan Depas, Amanda Jacquart, Carrie Horton. Genetic Testing Alters Care for Von Hippel-Lindau Syndrome Phenocopy.

Poster # A-76

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 5:45 - 7:00pm

Tripti Paudyal, Amal Yussuf, Sara Wienke, Jessica Profato. When do Clinicians Cast a Wider Net? Utilization of the Largest Comprehensive Cancer Panel at One Commercial Laboratory.

Poster # B-44

Thursday, November 15, 2018 6:00 - 7:15pm

Sarah Azam, Leslie Dunnington, Syed Hashmi, Krista J. Qualmann, David Rodriguez-Buritica, Aarti Ramdaney, Michelle Jackson. Characteristics of patients with a primary brain tumor undergoing panel genetic testing.

Poster # B-50

Thursday, November 15, 2018 6:00 - 7:15pm

Victoria Costello, Stephany Connor, Carla Mason, Melissa Pronold. Double take! Mosaic Li Fraumeni syndrome in Monozygotic Twins.

Oral Presentations

Session # A01

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 8:00 - 2:00pm

Karen Wain, Emily Palen, Ana Morales, Kami Wolfe Schneider, Kristy Lee, Jessica Mester, Tina Pesaran, Sarah Barnett, Casie Genetti, Amanda Buchanan, Juliann Savatt, Danielle Azzariti. A Collaborative View of Genomic Variant Interpretation: Clinical Genetic Counselors, Laboratories and Patients

Session # tbd

Friday, November 16, 2018 11:15 - 11:30am

Zöe Powis. In a Class All By Itself: The Importance of Reclassifying Genes and Variants to Better Guide Patient Care

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Maximizing Genetic Testing Results for Hereditary Cancer Using RNA Studies
Thursday, November 15 | 12:00pm

Georgia World Congress Center 285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA 30313 US

Presenter: Rachid Karam, MD, PhD
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