American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting (AACR)

April 1-5, 2017 - Washington, DC


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Poster # n/a

Saturday, April 1, 2017 12:00 - 3:15pm

Suzette Faber-Katz, Vickie Hsuan, Jayne Hoo, Sitao Wu, Huy Vuong, Dong Xu, Hsiao-Mei Lu, Phillip Gray, Aaron Elliott, Rachid Karam. Alternative splicing analysis identifies mutation hotspots in hereditary breast and ovarian cancer genes..

Poster # tbd

Saturday, July 1, 2017 12:00 - 1:05am

Holly LaDuca, Chunling Hu, Hermela Shimelis, Eric C. Polley, Jenna Lilyquist, Steven N. Hart, Mary Helen Black, Brigette Tippin Davis, David E. Goldgar, Jill Dolinsky, Fergus J. Couch. Germline mutation spectrum and cancer risk: what we’ve learned from pancreatic cancer patients undergoing multigene panel testing.

Poster # n/a

Saturday, April 1, 2017 12:00 - 1:05pm

Elizabeth Chao, Mary Pritlzaff, Pia Summerour, Rachel McFarland, Shuwei Li, Patrick Reineke, Jill Dolinsky, David E. Goldgar, Hermela Shimelis, Fergus J. Couch, Holly LaDuca. Hereditary Risks of Male Breast Cancer in a Multi-Gene Panel Testing Cohort..

Poster # 1287

Saturday, April 1, 2017 2:00 - 4:00pm

Jenna Lilyquist, Holly LaDuca, Eric C. Polley, Hermela Shimelis, Chunling Hu, R. Moore, Steven N. Hart, Fergus J. Couch, Jill Dolinsky, David E. Goldgar. Multigene panel testing and risk estimates in 10,233 ovarian cancer cases.

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