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Our Impact


We partner with several Patient Advocacy groups to introduce events, webinars, and conferences with the goal to increase awareness and educate on the importance of genetic testing. We want to empower patients to feel in control of their in life, before and after diagnosis.


With a diverse profile of volunteer opportunities, we encourage empathy and a deeper understanding of those we serve. These community-focused experiences build teams, promote collaboration, develop leadership skills, and expand our support to yield greater impact for science.

Our Legacy

Ambry has made some major footprints in the inherited disease community with our on-going support towards patient education and various non-profit organization. With its ocean-loving culture, Ambry has served as a major sponsor for Susan G. Komen’s Stand Up for the Cure which has raised close to $1,000,000 for breast and cervical cancer screening for low-income, uninsured and underinsured women. We also support Mauli Ola Foundation; these events serve more than 3,000 kids each year with genetic conditions by introducing surfing as a natural therapy.

Growing Our Reach

Ambry continues to support and play an integral role in sponsorships with community organizations missioned towards finding answers for cancer, neurology, cardiology, exome sequencing, clinical genetics, and other women’s health conditions. Our goal is to advance patient education and resources, curate collaborative events to bring multiple organizations and like-minded people together, and create programs to help promote STEM education in the school system through workshops, guest lectures, and mentorships.

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