Our comprehensive listing of testing options is catalogued alphabetically by disease name. Test specimen requirements and turnaround times are listed under their respective disease name for reference.

We are pleased to announce additions to our line of customizable panel options that will be joining our existing CustomNext-Cancer panel: CustomNext-Cardio, CustomNext-TAAD and CustomNext-Epilepsy. These NGS and deletion/duplication tests allow you to select the genes that best fit your patient's clinical presentation in order to offer you the most accurate and individualized diagnosis possible. We are also now offering a customizable exome sequencing option: ExomeNext-Select.

You can get all the details about each option by clicking the links below to their individual test pages:

  • CustomNext-Cardio : analyzes up to 85 cardiovascular genes of your choice
  • CustomNext-TAAD : analyzes up to 22 genes of your choice associated with thoracic aortic aneurysms and dissections, Marfan syndrome or related disorders
  • CustomNext-Epilepsy : analyzes up to 100 epilepsy genes of your choice
  • CustomNext-Cancer : analyzes up to 67 hereditary cancer genes of your choice
  • ExomeNext-Select : custom exome sequencing for up to 500 genes, to be analyzed based on your patient's clinical presentation

Our test list will be continually updated, providing you with the most accurate information for your testing needs. 

Download or view a complete menu of all our testing options here or view our specialty-specific testing menus in the corresponding links in the "Quick Links" above.