For Patients

At Ambry Genetics we are very aware of the serious implications genetic disease can have for infants, children, and adults; for their families and friends; and for unaffected people who may be at risk of carrying mutations.

We're also privileged to be able to contribute to improving the circumstances for current and future patients in three ways. First, our DNA testing services help make a precise diagnosis and determine the chance a disease might occur in the next generation.

Secondly, our Genomic Services enable academic and pharmaceutical researchers to access the newest, most creative genetic technologies available. Lastly, we are actively involved with patient advocacy organizations through volunteering, fundraising, and projects. Ambry Genetics is unique in its commitment to fight genetic disease through involvement in all these areas.

Please select from the following pages, and feel free to contact us with your questions or comments.

Cystic Fibrosis
Cystic Fibrosis disease information, testing brochures, and support groups including the Mauli Ola Foundation, created by Ambry’s founders.

Other Conditions
Descriptions and links to support groups for people with numerous other diseases tested at Ambry Genetics.

Genetic Testing
Resources to find a geneticist or genetic counselor, investigate your family medical history, and to learn more about genetic testing issues to consider.

To Get Tested
Learn how test-ordering , billing, and result reporting work at Ambry Genetics.