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We have partnered with collaborators to securely share our scientific data for more than 15 years. It is through these efforts that we have been able to carefully advance our collective understanding of human genomic variation and inherited disease, and responsibly apply genetic technologies in the era of genomics.

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Research Spotlight

  • Mayo Clinic Partners with Ambry in Largest Hereditary Breast Cancer Patient Study to Date

    Breast cancer risks associated with mutations in cancer predisposition genes identified by clinical genetic testing of 60,000 breast cancer patients.

    Fergus Couch, et al. Ambry authors: Robina Smith, Melissa Pronold, Robert Huether, Carin Espenschied, Shuwei Li, Tina Pesaran, Rachel McFarland, Holly LaDuca, Jill Dolinsky
    Quick Take: Mayo Clinic and University of Utah researchers collaborated with Ambry Genetics to study more than 60,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer over a four-year period, with >90% of them meeting National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN®) hereditary breast ovarian cancer (HBOC) testing criteria. All had germline testing using multi-gene panels performed at Ambry. This represents the largest genetic study to date of women with breast cancer, and offers new information about genes that may or may not contribute to breast cancer risk.


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