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Specimen Kit Types: Kits are either: Blood, Saliva or Pediatric (Saliva).

Kit Name Contents Test Requirements Test Exceptions TAT Notes
Blood 2 EDTA (lavender top) blood collection tubes. Most tests require 1 blood tube NGS panels and clinical exome sequencing (ExomeNext) require 2 tubes of blood
Saliva 1 Oragene saliva collection tube Most tests require 1 saliva tube 2 saliva collection tubes are still required for all pediatric testing and adults having ExomeNextTM for family member analysis.* Submission of saliva samples can possibly extend the turnaround time of the results by an average of 2 business days.
Pediatric (Saliva) 2 Oragene saliva collection tubes Pediatric tests require 2 saliva tubes Saliva sample exceptions are below.* Submission of saliva samples can possibly extend the turnaround time of the results by an average of 2 business days

*Saliva samples (collected by any method) are still not accepted for: proband ExomeNextTM/ExomeNext-RapidTM, CSTB dodecamer expansion analysis, PMEFirst, PMENext

Please refer to the specimen requirements form for more details and minimum required volumes.


Whole Blood: Stable for 7 days, refrigerated. Stability may be affected if stored at room temp for more than 3 days. Please contact Ambry if your sample is more than 7 days old.

Saliva: Stable for up to 1 year in sterile bag, room temperature at 15-30°C.

For all other stability questions, please click here: specimen requirements form


  1. Please select the kit type(s) (Blood, Saliva or Pediatric Saliva) and specify the quantity and the Test Requisition Form (TRF) you’d like to receive.
  2. All Fields with an Asterisk (*) are REQUIRED and must be completed prior to submitting your order.
  3. All 3 Sample types must be filled out. Please select 'None' if you do not want that type.
  4. The Country field must be completed for all orders, including those going to an address in the US.
  5. If your submission is successful, you will be sent to a 'Thank You Page'. If not, review all Required Fields (*) and make sure they are completed.

Shipping: In general, requests for kits that we receive before 2:30 PM PST will be shipped the same or next business day. Domestic Sample Submission Kits are shipped via FedEx Ground and will take approximately 3-5 business days to arrive. If you require kits sooner than that, please indicate this in the “Special Requests” field below, but there is no assurance that you will receive the kits in a guaranteed timeframe.

International Sample Submission Kits are shipped via DHL as our primary courier. Arrival will be contingent on international shipping conditions. More detailed international shipping information can be found at: http://www.dhl.com

Expired: Please do not use any contents of the kits beyond their printed expiration date. Please refer to label on outside of kit box for details.

Complimentary Kits: Ambry does not charge for receiving or sending Sample Submission Kits domestically. A prepaid FedEx Billable Stamp and packaging is included in all kits for return shipping. For international orders, Ambry may not pay for sending shipments to you or back to our laboratory, but in most cases we do. Each request is treated as a unique event and will be analyzed prior to shipping the kits. All country customs rules will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our Kit Fulfillment Team for details. Conditional international fees do not apply to Canadian healthcare providers (treated as U.S. domestic). For international customers, you may also use and ship your own packaging and collection tubes to Ambry if an Ambry Sample Submission Kit is not available, provided your packaging and collection tubes meet our requirements. Refer to specimen requirements form for more details.

Compliance: It is the responsibility of the shipper to comply with the rules and guidelines for transport of medical specimens as set forth by the United States government, the government of the country of origin and international regulatory agencies.   Failure to follow instructions for packaging and shipping specimens can result in the delay, loss or destruction of your specimens. Ambry Genetics will not be held responsible for any liability attributable to the shipper's improper actions for failure to comply with regulations. The shipper must properly identify, classify, package, mark, label and document contents of the shipment in accordance with the laws and regulations of the countries of origin, transit and destination. Please notify Ambry Genetics of the shipping details for tracking purposes. Shipment details including tracking number and air carrier should be faxed to +1 949-900-5501 or emailed to kitrequest@ambrygen.com

Ambry reserves the right to limit and not to accept or respond to any request for a submission kit for any or no reason, including if the request does not clearly identify the individual or organization requesting the kit.  By submitting a request for any submission kit, you hereby agree to these terms and also the Privacy, Legal Notices and Disclaimers found here.

Authorized Health Care Professional’s Order:  Ambry will not process any specimen for testing without a signed requisition form for the requested test from a physician or other health care professional who is authorized to order the requested test and verify that the patient has received informed consent.  Ambry will not conduct the test and reserves the right to discard the specimen if there is no such signed requisition form.  Please use the link provided to print out and return the applicable test requisition form found at: ambrygen.com/forms
Authorized Patient Consent:  Ambry will not process any specimen for testing without the signed, written consent of the individual whose specimen is to be tested, this consent may be provided by the physician or other healthcare professional attesting to the presence of a signed informed consent.  For insurance billing purposes, patient consent to bill insurance is required on the requisition. Ambry will not conduct the test and reserves the right to discard the specimen if there is no such signed consent.  Please use the link provided to print out and return the applicable consent form found here.

Returning Samples:  Please send the samples for testing, the requisition form (fully completed and signed), patient consent and required international documentation to:

Ambry Genetics
7 Argonaut
Aliso Viejo, California 92656
United States of America
Phone: +1 949-900-5798