Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs) affect more than 4.6 million Americans and there is a growing body of evidence that shows strong support for the role of genetics in NDDs. To better serve the needs of clinicians and patients, we offer a range of diagnostic testing options for NDDs.

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NDDs are disabilities associated primarily with the functioning of the brain and neurological system. Individuals often present with global developmental delays (GDD), intellectual disabilities (ID) and/or characteristics of autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Epilepsy can also be common. 

We offer a range of single syndrome testing and multi-gene panels for individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders (listed in blue below). These and many of our other tests can be combined to meet the individual needs of patients and their families.

Our Neurodevelopmental Testing Includes:

Test Name Turnaround Time
SNP Array 2-3 weeks
Fragile X-associated disorders 1-2 weeks
(140 gene panel for syndromic and non-syndromic ID)
5-7 weeks
(16 genes, ACMG-recognized syndromes)
3-5 weeks
(48 genes, syndromic and non-syndromic autism)
4-6 weeks
(22 genes for Rett, Angelman and related disorders)
3-5 weeks
(196 gene panel for ID, ASD and epilepsy)
8-10 weeks
Rett syndrome
(MECP2 gene sequencing and deletion/duplication)
2-4 weeks
Angelman syndrome
(methylation studies with reflex to UBE3A gene sequencing
and deletion/duplication)
2-4 weeks
PTEN-related disorders 1-3 weeks
ExomeNext 8-12 weeks
(rapid option is 2-5 weeks)