Managed Care and Contracting


Ambry Genetics is your managed care partner. We strive to provide health care providers with cost-effective, clinically-relevant testing solutions for the patients they serve. 

Here are a few reasons why numerous national and regional health insurance plans have chosen to partner with Ambry Genetics:

  • A diverse menu: We offer over 600 genetic tests that suit many medical specialties. Highlights of our menu include:
    • Cancer: BRCA1/2 and Lynch syndrome
    • Pulmonology: CFTR sequencing for cystic fibrosis
    • Cardiology: Inherited cardiomyopathies and arrhythmias (like long QT syndrome)
    • Neurology: Neurodevelopmental and neurocutaneous disorders
    • Pediatrics: Clinical exome sequencing and many tests for general genetics
  • Reducing unnecessary testing and cost: Our Board-certified genetic counselors review every test ordered
  • Options: Genetic testing can be ordered to meet clinical need (sequentially, concurrently, multi-gene tests for overlapping phenotypes)
  • Unparalleled service: Our genetic counselors, geneticists, and scientists support healthcare providers throughout the testing process
  • Ease and efficiency: Providers have secure access to AmbryPort2.0 (AP2), Ambry’s electronic ordering/tracking/resulting portal
  • Ongoing education: We offer webinars and other education for healthcare providers on benefits and clinical utility of genetic testing
  • Research to improve patient care: We are committed to securely sharing data and promoting scientific discoveries through presentations at national meetings and peer-reviewed publications

Ambry’s Key Statistics

  • 600+ employees
  • Privately owned corporation, incorporated in 1999
  • Market: Molecular diagnostics
  • Client base: United States and International

Service Excellence
From processing orders to reporting results, our Clinical and Client Services teams are available to help healthcare providers and patients with:

  • Order processing
  • Benefit eligibility, insurance coverage verification, and prior authorization
  • Questions about reimbursement or test reports
  • Understanding test reports

For a regional listing of insurance health plans Ambry is contracted with, please click here. Or for a more detailed summary of Ambry’s value as your managed care partner, please refer to our Managed Care Value Brochure.

Institutional Contracting
Referring clinics, hospitals, labs, and/or physicians may establish institution contracts with convenient invoicing and payment options. Please Contact Us for details.

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