Ambry Genetics offers a wide variety genotyping services from basic research to clinical genotyping performed in our CAP accredited,
CLIA certified laboratory. We provide proven technology platforms to 
apply to your research needs.

Our lab is flexible and can handle genotyping projects for a broad range of organisms, while delivering fast turn-around times and maintaining high quality data. We are experienced in dealing with clinical trial samples, and can meet the stringent regulations that come with them.

Whether your genotyping project is a few samples or a few thousand samples we are equipped to process your throughput requirements. Our team of experts is here to help you reach your project goals. 

Biotage Pyromark MD Pyrosequencer
Illumina BeadXpress with GoldenGate technology
Superior Flexibility
  • SNP genotyping of a broad range of organisms
  • Custom assay design
  • Biomarker validation
  • Mutation analysis and profiling
  • Custom Low-to Mid-plex Methylation Analysis
  • High Throughput Genotyping
  • SNP Discovery
  • SNP Panels
  • Drug Metabolism Panels