Client Testimonials

We asked some of our colleagues around the country to talk about Exome Sequencing and the experiences they have had using this powerful diagnostic tool.

Elisabeth A. McKeen, MD, FACP, and Robin Stevens, ARNP of Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute talk about cancer genetics and their experiences working with Ambry.

Talia Donenberg, MS, CGC sits down with us to discuss the past, present and future of hereditary cancer testing as well as her experiences in the field.

Jason M. Goldman, MD, FACP speaks about his experience in the field using Ambry Genetics. "Ambry really does offer a lot of the information that will be used in the future for these disease treatments. They're grounded in science, efficient in their process, really patient focused -- doing what's best for the patient, sharing their database...They really seem to want what's best for patient care."

Cancer Genetic Counselor, Kayla Czape, MS, CGC, provides an introduction to the genetic counseling process, discusses the breast cancer genetic testing options now available, and talks about important details regarding insurance coverage for genetic testing and medical management options for individuals found to carry a gene mutation.