Cardiology Patient Resources

At Ambry, we strive to help families impacted by inherited disorders. With that in mind, we are proud to share our resources created specifically for families considering genetic testing for cardiology, or those already in the process of genetic testing.

Information here is created for families affected by a hereditary cardiovascular condition, which may or may not have involved genetic testing as of yet. These resources are meant to add to discussions with a healthcare provider.

  • Cardiology Patient Website
    Our Cardiology patient website has trustworthy information and tools that we created with our medical collaborators for those affected by inherited heart disease (whether or not they have it themselves). Specifically, it features Progeny’s Cardiology Family History Questionnaire.
  • Patient Guides
    These informational guides, organized by cardiovascular condition, help families better understand the details about many of our genetic testing options.
  • Understanding Your Results
    These one-page sheets, created on an ongoing basis for specific hereditary cardiovascular conditions, are designed for families receiving a result from one of our hereditary cardiovascular genetic tests.
  • Billing Information
    This easy-to-read brochure provides answer to questions commonly asked about our billing policies.