Ambryport 2.0

Ambry Genetics now offers a next generation customer interface. AmbryPort 2.0 is an online, HIPAA-compliant client portal designed to allow online order submission, test status updates, and insurance authorization status.

Please click here to sign up online or call client services to submit your request to activate your account at +1 949-900-5500.

AmbryPort 2.0 Enhancements

  • User Guide
  •  Patient List Screen allows for an all-inclusive view of patient information (added were Order ID, Accession #, Panel Code, Panel Name, Order Status, Received Date, Due Date and any additional documents to download) (Dec 2014)
  • Updates and Document Download Center (All documents pertaining to an order now load into AP2, bypassing the need for secure emails) (Dec 2014)
  • Ability to update clinician contact information directly as an AP2.0 Site Administrator for your organization 
  • New Patient Signature Form to easily obtain patient signature during clinic
  • Upload Word and PDF documents to provide supporting information and insurance cards
  • Add “one-time” additional results recipients without adding them to your institution
  • Institutional billing information auto-populates with the previous order’s institutional billing information
  • The accessioning team at Ambry is now accessioning orders into AmbryPort2.0 so clients will start receiving updates and results through AP2.0 even if the order started on paper

If you have suggestions for AP2 enhancements, please email or call us at +1(866) 262-7943 

If you would like a demo of AP2, please contact your Ambry Regional Account Executive directly or by filling out our contact form and selecting ‘Request a Sales Rep Contact’


About Ambryport 2.0

AmbryPort 2.0 supplements Ambry’s current system of faxing test results and is an upgrade to the previous version of AmbryPort (prior June 2013).

AmbryPort 2.0 is a functional and easy to use HIPAA-compliant document exchange system. The system is designed to function as an all encompassing client portal equipped with test ordering/preverification capabilities, sample tracking and ability to download/print patient test reports. These user interfaces attribute to AmbryPort’s 2.0 intuitive software functionality, and is intended to seamlessly integrate into every clinician’s practice and routine care. AmbryPort 2.0 features include:

  • Insurance preverification and order submission
  • Patient specific auto-generation of letters of medical necessity
    (including submitted ICD9 codes and medical history)
  • The ability to upload insurance paperwork, medical records
    and other patient specific documents 
  • Status updates and sample tracking 
  • Print and/or download patient reports
  • Decrease time, data error entry and improve communication
  • Compatible with: Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices
    functionality, and is intended to seamlessly integrate into every clinician’s practice and routine care.

AmbryPort 2.0 User Guide

AmbryPort 2.0 works with:

  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer Version 8 or higher (through 2013).
We recommend upgrading to Internet Explorer 9.0.

We recommend using the most current browser version to insure full functionality of the AmbryPort 2.0 interface.