Ambry’s Translational Genomics (ATG) Laboratory

When you test at Ambry, feel confident that you and your patient will receive the most accurate test results possible. 

Our ATG lab helps us understand your test results by conducting functional studies for uncertain findings, or Variants of Unknown Significance (VUS).  These functional studies are included at no additional cost for eligible VUSs identified on clinical testing performed at Ambry. 

To qualify for this service, a sample must present a qualifying VUS, and the patient must provide consent through their clinician or provider to participate in our Family Studies/RNA studies program. Please note that not all VUS will qualify for the Family Studies/RNA studies program.

This program includes services that are designed to clarify or reclassify uncertain findings by testing additional family members and/or further functional studies on the VUS.  An additional sample collection kit for family members is sent to Ambry clients at no extra charge.

 ATG lab services are also available for VUSs identified through testing performed at other laboratories for a separate testing fee. We confirm the variant through specific site analysis (SSA).

To determine if a VUS is eligible for ATG services, please complete our form below.

Learn more about our translational genomics lab during our Platform presentation on Thursday, March 23rd at this year’s ACMG Annual Meeting! We are presenting “RNA Studies Improves the Classification of Splicing Variants" on Thursday March 23rd at 9:45-10:00am.

Or get more details on our blog, RNA Labs—How they Impact the Medical World.