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CARE for COVID Program

Ambry’s CARE Program™ (Comprehensive, Assessment, Risk & Education) offers employers an end-to-end precision medicine platform to help address critical challenges surrounding COVID-19 testing and employee management.

The CARE Platform helps employers address critical challenges surrounding COVID-19 testing including who should be tested, frequency of employee wellness checks, test type, and can aid in determining who can return to work.

Leverage AI-Technology

With AVA (Ambry's Virtual Assistant), you can help educate, triage, and obtain consent from employees for testing.

FDA Authorized Ambry COVID-19 RT-PCR Test

We offer a convenient, at-home saliva collection kit for our FDA Emergency Use Authorized Ambry COVID-19 RT-PCR Test.  Fact Sheets for patients and physicians and kit Instructions for Use (IFU) are available.

Know Your Workforce Status

The employer health portal & employee management platform provide real-time status of employee test results.

Gain Insight Into Possible Exposures

With integrated workplace exposure tracing, quickly identify additional employees who may be at risk to help reduce further spread of the virus.

Ambry’s End-to-End Platform


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