Brian Payne
Sr. Vice President, Information Technology

Brian Payne joined Ambry Genetics in 2011 as the Director of Information Technology and then became Senior Vice President of Information Technology in 2015. He brings more than 20 years of extensive knowledge and experience in information technologies, network infrastructure, operational management, information security, project management, and noteworthy management skills to Ambry Genetics and provides a background in highly regulated compliant fields focusing on banking, insurance, defense and healthcare.

As Senior Vice President of Information Technology, he is responsible for the technology infrastructure of Ambry Genetics and oversees the implementation of all operational and business support systems that all of Ambry relies on to operate and manage the business. During his time at Ambry, he achieved SOCII type 1 certification for the company and is directly responsible for the architecture, the design, and the development of Ambry’s 65,000-square-feet Super Lab which opened in 2016. Due to his expertise and operational management skills, the Super Lab is one of the most state-of-the-art commercial laboratories in the world and has allowed Ambry Genetics to triple the number of patient samples on a daily basis.