Aaron Elliott, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Elliott joined Ambry Genetics in 2008 in the research and development department working closely on the development of comprehensive molecular diagnostic tests. An innovator in complex genetic testing, Dr. Elliott has been involved in the conception and implementation of many of the diagnostic industry first to market tests and technologies including the first commercial NGS assay, CLIA/CAP Exome test and hereditary cancer panels among others. Dr. Elliott and the Ambry team were instrumental in mounting a creative defense in the groundbreaking University of Utah Research Foundation, et al., v. Ambry Genetics Corporation case which ended the monopoly of BRCA testing in the United States.

Dr. Elliott has helped guide the company through extreme periods of growth, including the recent acquisition by Konica Minolta. Over the years he has held many leadership positions at Ambry, including Director of Genomic Services, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Scientific Officer.

Dr. Elliott began his career as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Novartis Institute of Functional Genomics in San Diego, where he conducted research on potential drug targets for chemotherapeutic resistance and tumor formation. As part of this research, Dr. Elliott helped in identifying the first mitochondrial ABC transporter in cancer cells, which are responsible for multi-drug resistance in many solid tumors.

A graduate of Franklin and Marshall College, Dr. Elliott conducted his Ph.D. Genetics training at Thomas Jefferson University and The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.