Send-Outs Consolidation

Why send out to multiple labs when you can send out to just one? Ambry Genetics has a comprehensive menu of more than 300 tests that allows our clients to avoid sending samples to numerous locations, which in turn immediately lowers laboratory operating budgets. 

Benefits of using the Ambry Genetic’s Consolidation Program:

  • Expertise in applying new technology to diagnose genetic diseases
  • Comprehensive menu of 300+ tests that allows clients to eliminate sending tests to numerous labs
  • Flexible billing options
  • Custom panel development

Below are Ambry’s Genetic Testing Consolidation Components:

  • Genetic testing send-outs assessment
  • Testing consolidation cost savings analysis
  • Strategic integration planning
  • Institutional discounts
  • Insurance billing solutions
  • Client Services support
  • Implementation Meeting
  • Educational assistance
  • Sales & marketing collaborations
  • Sales training
  • Co-branded marketing material
  • Quarterly post implementation meetings and audits

Hospitals and reference labs that have chosen to consolidate testing with Ambry have not only seen a decrease in operating costs, but improved results reporting and quicker turn around times. To get started today, please contact