Our Values

We at Ambry believe that with greater understanding and collaboration, we can all transform human health together.

The world would be a better place if all human disease was understood. And not just understood by a small handful of people focused on profit alone, but by everyone who can uncover new insights that will lead to better medicines, and a healthier future for everyone. To realize this possibility, we need to work collaboratively, sharing and scaling our collective knowledge in the pursuit of greater insight so we can better understand disease. Only then will new treatments and cures be possible. 

At Ambry Genetics, collaboration is a longstanding part of our heritage. We believe we are at a critical moment in human history when, by eliminating gene patents, sharing our genomic data, and inviting collaboration, we can transform our ability to understand disease. We call for universal free access to the world’s largest and fastest growing data on the human genome. For too long, these vital data have been hoarded, stagnating medical progress and causing real human suffering. We have the chance to change that by setting the data free and creating a movement to transform human health.