Lynch Syndrome International

Lynch Syndrome International is a global, 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization which provides services of support to those affected by the inherited cancers of Lynch syndrome and those who care for them, public awareness to the global communities, education to the general public and medical professionals and support for research endeavors.

Lynch syndrome is the result of a defective mismatch repair gene, which ordinarily repairs damage which may result in DNA duplication.  Unable to function correctly, errors mount and tumors form, leaving individuals at an extremely high risk for development of gastric cancers, hepatobiliary cancers, skin cancers, upper tract cancers, brain cancers, prostate cancer and women’s cancers.

600,000 to 1,000,000 persons are thought to have Lynch syndrome, however less than ten percent are currently diagnosed.  Tragically, those families battle with an unending cycle of cancer.

Today, with genetic testing, there is hope.  The defective genes can be identified and affected individuals may receive annual cancer screenings which allow early detection of polyps, growths and tumors and removal or treatment before cancers become life threatening.  As a result, families with Lynch syndrome are living!

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