sodium channel, voltage-gated, type IV, beta


SCN4B (NM_174934.3) encodes the β-4 subunit of the voltage gated type IV sodium channel. The SCN4B gene is located at chromosome 11q23.3 and is composed of 5 coding exons. Sodium channel β-subunit roles include modulation of channel gating and voltage dependence, increasing sodium channel expression at the cell surface, and cell adhesion and recruitment of cytosolic proteins (Meadows LS and Isom LL. Cardiovasc Res. 2005;67(3):448-58). Heterozygous missense alterations in SCN4B have been identified in an individual with congenital long QT syndrome (LQTS) (Medeiros-Domingo A, et alCirculation. 2007;116(2):134-42) and two unrelated families with autosomal dominant atrial fibrillation (Li RG et alInt J Mol Med. 2013;32(1):144-50).

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