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With over 6 million components to our genetic code, each of us carries a story that is unique to only us and makes us who we are. Genetic testing helps us better understand that story and shows us the best way to use that information to improve healthcare. But in order for genetic testing to give us meaningful information we need to more clearly understand which genes are linked to a person’s lifetime risk for cancer and other diseases. That’s why we participated in a study with 65,000 patients in order to better understand cancer risks associated with mutations that may be found with commonly used genetic testing panels. By collaborating in game-changing studies like this, we are able to give health care providers better information so that they can more accurately counsel their patients.

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When finding the answer is critical for guiding your patient’s healthcare, CancerNext is a comprehensive 34-gene panel that identifies inherited risks for at least 8 types of cancers, giving you more information to make better treatment and management decisions.

BRCAplus ®

To understand your patient’s risk and minimize uncertain results, you need a genetic test designed specifically for patients with a high risk personal and/or family breast cancer history. BRCAplus tests critical breast cancer genes with published guidelines for medical management, so you can help your patient make confident, personalized screening and prevention decisions.

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