Ambry Supports Colon Cancer Awareness Month

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month, and Ambry Genetics regularly sponsors and participates in year-round activities to honor and support this important health issue that impacts so many.

Travis H. Bray is a third generation familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) survivor, and understands firsthand the long-reaching physical and emotional effects that living with this disease has on both patients and their loved ones. By drawing upon both his personal experiences with FAP and those of his extended family, he is motivated to develop a support network for those affected by FAP. Travis graduated with top honors for his graduate work in actinide chemistry from Auburn University in 2008. He continued his research for two years as the BioActinide Postdoctoral Fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and completed a third year of post-doctoral research at Argonne National Laboratory. Travis stepped away from his career as a chemistry researcher in June, 2012 to found the Hereditary Colon Cancer Foundation (HCCF).



Ambry is proud to work with the HCCF. The HCCF supports patients and finds resources for them, whether it be an outlet for support, access to genetic testing and genetic counseling, or providing helpful information about hereditary colon cancer. The HCCF's vision is to be a beacon of light - extending life expectancy, enhancing life quality, and instilling hope in those born with hereditary colon cancer syndromes.

Travis Bray and his wife, Shawnie, founded the HCCF. They hope to holistically bring together the hereditary colon cancer community through the foundation they created.

February 15-22, 2015

An Ambry team went to Utah to visit with HCCF founders, Travis and Shawnie Bray. The team is planning some exciting events for 2016 to raise awareness for hereditary colon cancer, so stay tuned.

After a morning meeting, Powder Mountain hooked up the boys to go play in the fluffy snow to capture epic shots for the public service annoucement. Rest assured, Travis found the spot for his next official Board meeting.